The Best Times of the Year to Sell Your Home

The city of Guelph is experiencing a real estate boom, and MoneySense even ranked the Royal City as the best city in Canada to buy real estate in 2017. While most times of year are generally favourable for putting your home on the market, deciding to sell your home at certain times of year might give you a bit of an edge.


Early Spring

With spring comes the promise of new things, so it makes sense that spring is one of the best times of year to sell your home. Not only is the dull and dreary weather of winter over, but blossoms and foliage are starting to bloom and gardens are beginning to look fresh. This makes your home look great, and homebuyers are in a great mood because of the warmer weather.


Spring is also a great time of year for getting your home ready for a sale. Updates like painting, cleaning and other jobs will be easier in fresh, spring weather. Your home could sell more quickly than if you were to sell it at a different time of year. Just be aware that spring can be the busiest time of year as well, so it’s important that you make sure your house stands up to the competition.


Early Fall

If the summer weather continues into fall, this can make selling your home in the fall an ideal time. But fall in general is a great time to sell. Fall foliage makes your property look stunning, and the transitional feeling of fall can make homeowners feel the need for change. Having an open house during the fall months, before the first snowfall, can help you avoid snow and mud being tracked through your home.


Weekend Viewings

Listing your home on a certain day of the week could help you sell your home more quickly. Because most people are working from Monday through Friday, this makes the weekend the optimal time to start getting some interest. Putting up your home listing near the end of the week could generate more interest as many potential homeowners do their house hunting on their days off.


Should I List My Home Over the Holidays?

Some real estate agents will tell you not to put your house on the market during the holidays, whether it’s the summer holidays or winter holidays. But we believe that there’s no bad time of year to put your home on the market, and in fact, taking advantage of slower seasons could give you the upper hand. You become one of the only homes on the market, and therefore one of the only potential properties for homebuyers. This can be a strategic advantage given that there are fewer houses listed.