New Year Resolutions for Your Home

New Year resolutions for your home

As we get settled into a new year, many of us make plans to improve our health, our finances, our jobs and more. But we rarely consider our homes.


Over the coming year, we recommend making some of the following changes to your home to give it an update, a refresh or to make sure it continues to be well-maintained.

Plan Repairs and Renovations

Early in the year, it’s important to lay out a plan for any repairs and renovations you may want to do this year. Start by choosing something you’ve been meaning to get to and set some goals and targets. Address the most important repairs and renovations first, before moving onto “wants.”


For certain upgrades and renos, you may want to start reaching out to contractors and other services before they get booked up, like landscaping companies and furnace maintenance technicians. The more you plan now, the more likely you’ll be to get things done.


Make an Inventory

Many homeowners understand the importance of having an inventory. They are essential in the event that anything happens to your home, like a flood or a fire, as they make it easier for you to claim damages from your insurance company.


If you have your inventory written on a piece of paper in a file folder, you may want to consider upgrading to a digital inventory. You can create a document on your computer or tablet and save it to a secure cloud service so you can access it anywhere. Or, if you have a good quality camera on your phone, consider doing a walk-through to capture all of your belongings on a video.


Consider Updating One Room In Your Home

Keeping your home updated and modern can seem overwhelming, but there’s an easy way to stay on top of it. Each year, choose one room to renovate or redecorate, whether it’s a larger-scale room like a kitchen or bathroom, or something that just needs minor upgrades like your living room or bedroom.


Check out decor magazines and home renovation TV shows to see what’s in style, and choose a room to update. If you do one room each year, your house will always be “up to date.”


Not only do these new year resolutions benefit you in the short term, but they could pay off in the long run when you want to sell.


As always, Lifestyle Real Estate and our talented team is here to help you understand the impact of the different renovation updates and answer all of your real estate questions and needs. Get in touch!